About Us

Welcome to KKP online store! KKP is an online store involved in fashion Shoes and Clothes which was founded in 2018.

One day in 2018, we found it difficult to buy fashion items with appropriate price and good quality on the same brand website as soon as possible. so we decided to shake things up. Partnering with some of the best manufacturers directly ,to make the most perfect balance between fashion, quality and price, and to create fashion that everyone can have.Customers can be in our platform to achieve one-stop shopping, get beauty as fast as you can。

To us, fashion are so much more than external—they’re individual's attitude towards life symbols for people 。Grounded in everyone can have fashion, we create a brand that was talking to people buying fashion items for themselves and centered around empowerment. Each KKP item is created to celebrate modern people unique fashion taste and back their purposes.

KKP is committed to providing - essential design, premium quality, unbeatable prices, and upcycle production practices.
We have a warehouse in California so our customers can receive their products faster.And we also have a warehouse in China as the product storage address.